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How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

The board of a company must be convinced that the new employee is a suitable match for the organization before they are able to approve the hiring. That’s why an interview is a crucial part of the procedure.

Board members are keen to hear candidates speak about their relevant skills and experiences that allow them to be suitable for the role, with an emphasis on the value they provide. Interviewers frequently ask questions to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the complicated and challenging issues a board member could face.

They will also want an understanding of how the candidate handles conflict and how she can effectively engage other board members in a respectful manner. Boards often ask candidates how they would take on specific topics such as shareholder engagement and possible conflicts of interest. They are also looking to determine whether the candidate is ethical and accountable.

In most cases, companies provide an array of pre-read material for candidates to review in advance of the interview. It’s more than a quick glance to gain a deeper understanding of the company and its C-suite and board of directors executives, the industry’s dynamics, and key risks. Deb DeHaas is a two-term board member of a publicly traded company and the chief executive officer of Corporate Leadership Center. She says that listening to data room software CEOs’ conversations with analysts and investors is the best way to prepare. She also says it’s essential for a candidate to be able and articulate why the company or its product, or the challenges it faces are intriguing to them and how their experience could help them solve those problems.

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